With the advice of our engineers and relying on the strength of the piles, Profondation can recover in part or in whole a building that has sagged. In many cases, it may not be possible to straighten the building. The adjoining walls, degraded foundations, the composition of the foundation and the general condition of the building are all factors to consider in determining whether it is possible to recover in part or in whole a building. One should also be aware that the straightening of a building can cause various minor damages to the building, such as; breakage of plumbing pipes, window breakage, warping doors, cracking of interior/exterior coating, etc. Considering these consequences, it is often recommended to stabilize the foundations without straightening the building. Each situation necessitates a case by case evaluation to maximize the value of your building.

It’s a case by case basis situation and Profondation finds the best solution to optimize the value of your building.


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