Solution: Piering


In a situation where a sinking foundation risks causing severe damage to the building, devaluating the property; experts recommend stabilization with the use of steel piling. This is the only permanent solution to stop a building from sinking.


This work consists of driving hydraulic piles to bedrock or load bearing stratum. The piles are spaced evenly on or under the foundation walls to uniformly support the weight of the building. Depending on the condition of the building, it is possible to straighten the collapsed areas using hydraulic jacks that support the weight of the building on the piles in order to raise them. The piles are then welded in place on the foundations.


In some cases, experts may recommend the partial piling of the building, on one, two or three of the four foundation walls. However, this option may not have the advantage of ensuring that the non-stabilized wall(s) will not continue to sink in the future.