Identifying the causes of the cracking and the nature of each crack is an essential first step in properly repairing the cracks.

Indeed, there are active and passive cracks. The difference lies mainly in the evolution of each one. If the crack progresses, it is « active ». If the crack is stable and does not grow, then it is passive.



Several factors can cause cracking of a foundation. Here are the Key factors:

  • Foundation Subsidence
  • Frost heave
  • High hydrostatic pressure (water pressure in the ground on the foundation wall)
  • Concrete shrinkage
  • Poor quality concrete
  • Concrete Aging 


Repair Methods vary depending on the causes of cracks in the foundation: the size of each crack, the number of cracks and the constraints. Ideally, we must act on the causes and not just the consequences. For example, if the sinking of the foundation causes the cracks, we must first stabilize the foundation with piles to prevent any additional cracking prior to repairing the existing cracks.

The cracks can be injected with epoxy, « sika grout » or polyurethane. For larger dimension cracks, a steel belt is added and anchored to the foundation wall on both sides of the crack in order to strengthen the foundation wall and prevent further deterioration of the situation.



Sometimes repairing the crack is just not enough, waterproofing needs to be performed. We are able to offer and apply different types of membranes, insulation and sealing technologies to remedy any infiltration or insulation problem.

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